Pam Satek

Pam has attended St. Gabriel’s since the end of 2021. She was recently received into the Episcopal Church by Bishop Brewer and made a member of St. Gabriel’s. She sincerely thanks all of you for the warm welcome. She has been part of God’s family since her great-grandfather baptized her in her grandmother’s living room when she was three weeks old. Pam attended Lutheran schools until college. She graduated from Indiana University. Most of her life has been spent either teaching or being a principal. She and her husband Larry have three children and seven grandchildren. They spend summers in Indiana. Pam believes that God brings the right people together at the right moment. “Under Father Rob’s leadership I see St. Gabriel’s continuing the joyous work of being God’s hands and feet in the Titusville Community and beyond.” Pam is excited to be part of His Ministry.