Morning Prayer

Hands of Christian group Pray for god blessing with the bible on a wooden table. begging for forgiveness and believe in goodness. Christian life crisis prayer and worship to god.


Morning Prayer is part of an Anglican tradition called the “Daily Office.”  It is rooted in the monastic tradition of spending certain, specific times of the day in prayer and meditation.  Morning Prayer is said before the work day begins; the Noon Office (or Noonday Prayers) is a short service typically used over lunch time; Evening Prayer is used around sunset or before dinner. Compline is a close-of-day prayer.  The offices include Scripture, confession, prayers, and litanies.  There are times of silence and reflection.

Ideally, the Office provides a discipline; that’s why it’s best used Daily. If you wait until you’re inspired to pray spontaneously, God may be waiting a very long time to hear from you. But when you undertake a discipline to pray—that is, when you make a decision that you’ll be open to pray whether you feel like it or not—the framework usually leads to the spontaneous dialogue that you and God like best.

Join us every Monday-Friday at 8AM EST for Morning Prayer.  To join, call (667) 776-9321.  For questions or technical issues, contact Marie Hunsaker through the St. Gabriel's office email.